Express Dermaplaning Treatment

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Dermaplaning is a safe, effective, and non-surgical way to enhance skin tone and texture and diminish fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and other superficial irregularities. A method of physical exfoliation leaving the skin with a luminous glow. Removing the dead skin cells along with fine “peach fuzz” (Vellus hair) that traps dirt & oils, leaving complexion smoother with more even skin tone

*Clients with active acne breakouts are not a candidate for this service. 

*This is a great treatment if you are pregnant or nursing and want exfoliation without the risk of harsh chemicals.

Treatment Includes 

• Deep cleansing.

• Dermaplaning.

• SPF. 

Treatment Cycle? 

We recommend a monthly dermaplaning session, which includes the blading treatment and a light enzyme peel. 

Is there any downtime?

Some redness may occur, but this will subside within a few hours. 

Aftercare Instructions 

Avoid UV exposure for 5 to 10 days following procedure and apply sunscreen of at least a SPF 30

Avoid any form of heat treatment on the skin following procedure for 10- 14 days this includes steam room use and sauna

Avoid strenuous exercise to avoid perspiration

Additional facial treatments are not recommended for a minimum of 14 days following procedure

It is advised to use Mineral make- up but it is best to be avoided for 24hrs after treatment

Waxing, threading, laser hair removal and any light-based treatment should be avoided for a period of 7- 14 days

The use of exfoliating products is not recommended for 3-5 days following treatment and avoid glycolic acid and the use of AHAs and BHAs

If scabs develop on the skin, avoid picking and allow the skin to heal to avoid scarring and the risk of cross infection

It is important to ensure the hands are clean when touching the skin following treatment to avoid skin reactions

Ensure clean pillowcase and linen following treatment to avoid cross infection

Use gentle skin care products on the skin following treatment and keep skin care routine simple.