Super Protein Face Lift Therapy

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Super Protein Face Lift Therapy

The all new Super Protein Face Lift Masque! This masque is a regenerative treatment that provides lifting, firming and tightening while brightening the skin. 


Treatment Includes 

• Deep cleansing.

• Dermaplane.(A method of physical exfoliation leaving the skin with a luminous glow. Removing the dead skin cells along with fine “peach fuzz” (Vellus hair) that traps dirt & oils, leaving complexion smoother with more even skin tone.)

• Enzyme Exfoliation with steam.

• Customized Cocktail Peel. 

• Extractions + HF (Optional/If Required).

• Super Protein Face Lift Therapy. 

• Customized HydroJelly Mask. 

• LED Light Therapy.

• Customized Cocktail Serum Ultrasonic Infusion. 

• SPF. 


• Anti-Aging 
• Lifts & Firms 
• TIghtens 
• Reduces Pigmentatiojn 
• Reduces Pores 
• Reduces Acne 

Treatment Cycle?

Treatments are spaced at 2-4 weeks apart.

Is there any downtime?

Some redness may occur, but this will subside within 24 hours.